We’re all about little people with big imaginations and even bigger personalities.

Leetle People is a family owned company that celebrates our little ones for who they are – “Leetle People.”

We offer a wide selection of toys that encourage creativity. Our mission is to help parents raise curious and confident children through creative play.

With big imaginations and little hands, our children are full of possibility!


My son struggled with his speech before having grommets inserted and his adenoids removed (yikes). For the longest time, he would always say “Leetle “ instead of little. It was the cutest thing and so “Leetle” was born.

My two children, separated by just a couple of years, have bloomed into amazing little people with incredibly unique personalities. I find myself in awe every day as they make bold statements or take everything around them in so that they can explore and learn more about the world – something my own childhood lacked. To ensure that their curiosity is constantly rewarded while also providing an educational experience for each child, I sought out toys like the designs from these particular brands which offer creative playtime ideas to draw out those characters within!

Our carefully chosen toys contain something special – they’re not only trusted by us, but are better for the planet. You can feel good knowing that these brands commit to sustainability and use non-toxic materials tested all around the world! With this selection, let your little ones explore their imaginations while living responsibly on our earth.

May they inspire your Leetle People to think out of the box, continue to explore and simply live their best lives too.



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