Djeco Bluchka & Indie house (tinyly)


Indie and her adorable little dog Bluchka’s home is a gorgeous gypsy caravan, decorated in beautiful illustrations. When you open it up you’ll find a classic doll’s house design, with a bedroom, kitchen, and dining table. It’s the gypsy travelling life for them!

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Contents: 1 caravan carry case (cardboard and plastic) + 1 plastic figurine and companion.

A carry case that can be taken anywhere.

Size: 25.9cm(L) x 19.3 cm(H) x 10.3cm (W)
Weight: 615g

Age guide: 4 +

Tinyly from Djeco is a range of adorable 7.5 cm figurines that are partnered with quirky companions to open up a world of imaginative play.
Designed by Virginie Brachet


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